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  Iran: Mashad Cemeteries

Khaje Abasalt Mausoleum & Cemetery:
This cemetery is located 20 Miles south-west of Mashad and is a burial place of one of Shi'ai saint in 9th century AD.  Around the mausoleum is burial ground with the same name. Javad-al-Aemeh Cemetery is another cemetery which was recently built across this cemetery.

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Camel Show outside cemetery

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Cemeteries in Iran:

Mashad Cemeteries:
Javad-al-Aemeh Cemetery
Khaje Abasalt Mausoleum
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Imam Reza Mausoleum & Burials:
Ghods Shrine
Jomhouri Shrine

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Behesht Zahra Cemetery
Ebn-e-Babvey Cemetery
Imam Zadeh Abdola Cemetery
King Abdol Azim Shrine
Zahir Doleh Mausoleum


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